Privacy Policy

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The following policy serves purpose of describing how TerminalGR Corp. (further referred to as „TGR”) uses, shares, and secures its' own website, as well as all the Services operating on it. This Privacy Policy can be amended or modified at any time, and you are responsible to read and understand new terms accordingly. In order for you to have a complete understanding of the policies that we follow, we advise you to read and fully understand this Privacy Policy. Below we have summarized its most important points:

All of the personaly-identifiable information provided by you is used to offer you information about businesses, all of which is the most relevant to you and your individualized search.

This personally-identifiable information may be in some situations shared with third party entities, especially when you establish contact with one of the companies that list with us.

TGR commits to finding a balance between the collection and sharing your information, and you are provided with ways to control this process, as well as the ability to opt out of the experience at your own discretion.

The security of your information is our top concern; therefore, we locate all the resources needed and possible to the protection of your personal information. Even though, we may not promise that such information will be secure at all times and under all circumstances.

The security of your information is our top concern; therefore, we locate all the resources needed and possible to the protection of your personal information. Even though, we may not promise that such information will be secure at all times and under all circumstances.

What information is collected by us?

The information collected by TGR is personally-identifiable. The concerned with all the information that can be directly connected with you, whether sensitive or non-sensitive. The first sub-group contains information such as your name, email or location. The second type includes data that is associated with the usage of the Services. All of this data is collected by TGR to provide you with personalized, safe and fully functional services, and remains secure in all rational circumstances.

How do we use information?

The information collected by TGR is used to provide you with better, interest and preference-oriented searches on our website. As an example, the information can be used to process your contact requests with us, in order to respond to you directly. The information is also used to administer your account and customize your search.

How is information collected by us?

Your information is collected by TGR upon our request. It is also collected when you use our website, contact us and other users, use the Services and interact with third-party entities as a result of your search. The information we collect may be combined with third-party provider data about demographics, and other interest-based data. Such data may include, but is not limited to:

Our website, like many others, uses technology to collect some information automatically. Such information includes about the computer and wireless that you use, your unique device identifier, location data, browser and operating system data, internet service provider data, your website search history, your search queries, advertisement interaction and the time you spend using the website and associated Services. Amongst the technological tools that help us collect information.

  1. Identification credentials (name, username, password, address, telephone number, email address);
  2. Contents of communication between you and TGR (reviews, e-mails, customer care contact);
  3. Information about the history of your searches.

Whom do we share the information with?

The information that you provide TGR with is shared with third parties in order for the Services to function properly. Primarily, the information is shared with advertisers, the companies that chose to list with us. Upon your contact with them, they are provided with non-sensitive, personally-identifiable information, which allows the advertiser to contact you personally. Information is also shared with advertising networks, which are based on third party technology. In some cases it is possible to opt out of adverting opportunities. Another way of sharing your information is the publication of your user-uploaded content, including but not limited to reviews and inquiries. Such information is non-sensitive, and personally identifiable. In case of a business transition, when TGR merges or splits into different companies, all the information types are shared with the acquiring company. Shall this be the case, you will be notified by email with information about such an occurrence, as well as with the choices you have regarding your information. In case we reasonably suspect unlawful activities taking place or being associated with the Services, we may share your sensitive, personally-identifiable information with law enforcement. We may also share such information in order to protect TGR, and its affiliates, in case our or their rights have been violated by you. Your personally-identifiable information is also shared with service providers, the companies that maintain our databases, conduct research on our behalf, and/or process credit card and payment information. Your non-sensitive, personally-identifiable information may also be shared with other third parties, without your consent. When doing so, we do our best to de-identify your information. We may also choose to utilize aggregation, combining data of numerous users together, so that it does not relate to one single person. We may also share your information with other third parties with your consent. It can include sensitive, personally-identifiable information.

How is the information secured?

TGR strives to protect personally-identifiable information at all times, as we know the responsibility that comes with its possession. Other data like geo-location is also encrypted. In the case of other types of information, we protect it as found reasonable by us, doing our best not to disclose the information to any unwanted entities. At the same time though, we do not guarantee that all the security measures that we take will always be equally effective.