Terms of Service

terms of serivce

These General Terms of Service (further referred to as „TOS”) regulate the Services and other elements of the website to which they refer. This TOS can be freely modified and amended by TerminalGR Corp. (further referred to as „TGR”), and it is your responsibility to check and understand such changes shall they occur. This TOS is a legally binding agreement made between TGR and you personally, as well as other third party entities that are associated with the Services being provided on the website. This TOS is effective as of November 1, 2015.


1. General Information About the Services and Terms

  1. The Services. The services provided by TGR on this website allows user to find information about localization by address, contact, and gain information about company. There is a possibility of sponsored, paid listings appearing on the website. Such entries may be prioritized in display over unpaid ones, but it might occur otherwise. Other advertisements may be displayed as well.
  2. Nature of Services. The Services provided by TGR allows companies to freely provide their information in order to reach a wider audience and possible consumers. The accurateness of the information found on the website solely depends on the good-will and competence of the companies that provide TGR with their information. Under no circumstances shall TGR be held liable for any sort of misinformation or error in the information provided. TGR is also in no way connected to the companies that are listed on the website.
  3. Eligibility. By using the Services you warrant that you are of legal age (at least 18), and are legally able to enter a binding agreement between you and TGR. By using the services you also warrant that you have not been prohibited from using according to the regulations presented in this TOS. When you will be representing any third-party entity, you also warrant that you are legally able to enter a binding agreement in its name, as well as you are a legal representative of the third-party entity.
  4. Additional Terms and Change of Terms. Given the nature and variety of the Services offered, TGR reserves the right to introduce Additional Terms to govern such services. They are released inside specific services and it is your responsibility to read and accept them, shall you opt for using the Service governed by them. In case of a conflict between this TOS and the Additional Terms, the latter are the base for decisions regarding the Services. Both the TOS and Additional Terms can be changed or amended by TGR at any time. You are responsible for checking this TOS and Additional Terms for such changes and accepting them if you continue to use the Services.

2. Using the Services

  1. Grant of Rights. By reading and agreeing to the terms of this TOS, TGR grants a limited, non-exclusive right to use the Services it provides. You are also given the right to use the Services for non-comercial information purpuse and any of the content found in the Service. This TOS and Additional Terms may provide additional purposes for the use the content provided.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights. Your use of the Services provided by TGR does not grant you ownership of any of the rights to content provided to you in the Services. All the rights are held by TGR, any affiliated third-party entities, and licensors. You are not allowed to display, perform, reproduce, copy, represent, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, sublicense, or circulate the content in any way, unless otherwise stated in this TOS, or unless you are granted a written permission from the holder of such rights. Using the Services also does not grant you any rights to use any trademarks appearing in the Services, unless you are given a written permission from the owner.
  3. Prohibited Conduct and Termination. Your use of the Services provided by TGR must be within the limitations provided by this TOS. Under no circumstances are you allowed to (i) infringe any third-party rights; (ii) tamper with the security of the Services; (iii) use false identity in any form, including the impersonation of a third-party entity; (iv) gain unauthorized access to the Services; (v) engage in spam mail distribution; (vi) collect information about users without their permission in any way; (vii) submit false and misleading information to the Services; (viii) violate any law, rule or regulation; (iv) assist any third-party entity in activities aimed at breaking the regulations of this TOS. TGR reserves the right to monitor the services to check for possible infringements of this TOS. Shall there be a suspicion of you breaching the regulations of this TOS, TGR will permanently terminate your access to the Services. TGR reserves the right to do so in any way it deems necessary, including but not limited to IP blocking, ISP contact, and other technological barriers. You are also free to stop using the services at any time, unless otherwise agreed to in the Additional Terms for the Services.
  4. Changes to Services. TGR reserves the right to change, terminate, or modify any of the Services without prior notification. No liabilities to you or any third-party entity can be exercised on the base of such decision made by TGR.

3. Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our top concern; therefore, the manners of collecting information necessary for the use of the Services is regulated in our Privacy Policy. By using the Services you firmly state that you agree with the referenced Privacy Policy, and that you understand it’s regulations.

4. Content and Feedback

  1. User-Submitted Content. Some of the Services provided by TGR grant users the ability to submit their own content to them. When submitting any content, you agree that it does not break any regulations found in this TOS, and that you hold all the intellectual property rights to that content. When submitting content, you retain your rights to it, but you also grant TGR and all its affiliates a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-terminable and non-transferable license, with the ability to sublicense, distribute, reproduce, publicly perform, create derivative works from, and transmit the content for any purpose. Such activity will not be accompanied by any compensation, attribution, obligation to you. If you do not hold the right to the content you want to submit, you are not allowed to do so.
  2. Third Party Content. Given the nature of the Services, third-party content such as reviews and content submitted by other users can be found in the Services. Unless otherwise clearly stated, TGR does not obligate itself to monitor and screen such content, nor does it endorse or support any views or ideas that such content may display. Your use of any third-party content is regulated outside of this TOS, by agreements made between you and the third-party. TGR reserves the right to delete any third-party content based on its own review, and may not be held accountable for any loss or damages resulting from your use of third-party content. You acknowledge the risks associated with online business and internet transactions, and you take full responsibility for them when using the Services and any third-party content.
  3. Objectionable Content. Shall you find any content that may be considered objectionable, you are to report it to TGR’s customer services. TGR reserves the right to take action based upon it’s own review, and it will do so in accordance to this TOS. Such reviews are not given a time bracket, nor does TGR grant a response to each and every individual report.
  4. Feedback. Your feedback sent to TGR in any form (letter, e-mail) , represents your agreement with the fact that TGR may choose to publish such feedback for any reason, without payment or any compensation to you. If you do not agree with this policy, you are not to send any feedback to TGR in any form.

5. Disclaimer, Exclusions, Limitations, and Indemnity.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties. All the Services are provided by TGR on an „as is” and „as available” basis. TGR does not give any warranty that the Services, their use, and information provided by them will be: (i) free of any defects; (ii) secure and interrupted; (iii) will meet your expectations and requirements; (iv) will operate without problems on the hardware and software configuration that you are using. TGR does not make any warranties other than those explicitly expressed in this TOS. Any and all implied warranties are disclaimed by TGR. TGR also does not make any representation or warranty in connection with any third-party content, information, regardless if embedded in the Services or on outside websites. TGR also makes no warranties in relation to purchases made in effect of using the Services.
  2. Limitation of Liability. The aggregate liability of TGR that arises from, relates to, or is connected with this TOS or the Services, will never exceed: (i) 50 USD; (ii) the amount paid by you to TGR for the Services. Additional Terms may contain further regulations on this matter.
  3. Exclusion of Damages. Shall any damage of any nature (including consequential, incidental, indirect or any special damages) occur from using the Services, TGR will not be held liable to you or any third party for those damages.
  4. State Law Rights. As some state laws forbid the limitation of implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages, TGR acknowledges that you may be in position of some of the above disclaimers not applying to you. Unless stated otherwise in state law, the forgoing disclaimer, exclusion, and limitations apply and are a binding agreement between you and TGR.
  5. Indemnity. Your use of the Services represents an acknowledgement of the fact, that you agree to indemnify and defend TGR and all its affiliates harmless from any loss or damages that occur in relation to any third party claim against any of the parties listed in this TOS. If you do not agree to do so, you may not use the Services.

6. Disputes

  1. General Terms. All disputes between you and TGR will be solved using our customer care. Breach of this TOS occurs on your behalf, TGR will exert actions against you in defense of this TOS. Any other disputes will be solved as required by the situation.
  2. Limitation of Actions. Any claim that you have in regards to using the Services must be filed within a calendar year of the event in question. Any claims filed after one calendar year will not be taken into consideration.

7. Force Majeure

TGR will not be held accountable for anything that happens outside of its reasonable control, as well as anything that is in any way far fetched from this TOS.

8. General

This TOS is a general, binding agreement that you make with TGR when using the Services. In any disputes, this TOS will be interpreted as if equally drafted by you and TGR. This TOS may be changed and amended without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to check for such changes and accept them. If you do not agree with any disclaimer in this TOS, you are not to use the Services provided by TGR. Each user is require to follow all the regulations of this TOS.

9. Contact

Your e-mail address that you provide TGR with at the moment of registration, will be used to send you emails related to the Services. If you do not wish to receive marketing emails, you may opt out of this experience by following the instructions sent to you via email. Any and all legal notices sent by TGR, will be forwarded to your email account and may also be sent by regular mail.