If you are looking for a hotel or a restaurant, if you need to order some services or your car needs a fix, you can find it in the business directory. It's easy, on our website you will quickly find business cards anywhere in the world, and also you will learn details about the services provided by their and current offers.

Find exactly what you are looking for. Don't waste time calling people who can't help you! Specify your exact needs and find someone who will assist you. Being in a foreign country, you can also select your language, then display business cards of the companies or people who speak your language.

If you want to be up to date on which companies will be opening nearby, we will make it easy for you. Through us you will find businesses, partners or customers quickly - just subscribe to a category in your area, and we will inform you about any new companies that join the business directory in that category.

Scan your own business cards or others from the catalog and add them to your favorites. By adding a business card to favorites, you create own collection of businesses, customers or partners, with access from anywhere in the world. This way you will never lose important contacts - they're all in one place. In addition, you can share chosen business cards easily and quickly with your friends and family.

Scan your business card and upload the file. After few seconds, your business card will appear in the business directory. You can also send us your business card by mail, and for a small fee, our graphics designers will do everything for you by scanning your card and adding it to the business directory.

By adding your business card to clearly defined categories, you can quickly reach a specific customer base, so the searching customer will reach you faster and easier. Separate your offers and services into categories to let the customer choose the service most appropriate to their needs. This way you will save your money on expensive advertisements to reach customers, and save customer's time when searching for your company.

Even if your specialization has no competition, make your name be heard. Simply add another category to the vast assortment of businesses. Let customers know about the unique services you offer and dominate the market.

Google, Yahoo, Bing - no problem. Regardless of the search engine, TerminalGR uses the latest techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure your popularity grows. Don't miss out on increased business opportunities thanks to increased visibility.

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Gives you free, fast and easy access to a collection of business and individual service entries from all over the world. With our help, you’ll quickly find a needed contractor, business partner, as well as a hotel, a restaurant, a store and much more. The catalog has been also developed with the intention to promote all types of businesses and services, so regardless of your location, you too can become visible to everyone worldwide by adding your entry to our global database. The TerminalGR BC Network is established as an online information platform in the form of a business card directory. In its sense, it seeks to give both clients and business owners the opportunity of getting connected with each other all around the world. Being a fast and reliable resource for business information, it is our core mission to provide the business and customer input to the best of our service. Only the most comprehensive and unique catalog of local businesses is presented in order that readers can source high-quality services and products from the local area. Our aim is to give support to valued businesses in the place.

Why Choose Us?
Our business card directory is founded with the common goal of generating revenue for the sake of existing and new businesses in the community. This is an easy to use and convenient publication whereas readers will be able to search for local services and goods. Ours is more than just a way to sell and to advertise. The valuable service is what matters most to us and to the community that connects businesses with valued customers. Using this directory, businesses owned will increase the bottom line easily and quickly. Working with us, you will get the following benefits below:
  • Ease of Access to the Business List Near Me. Through our website, you enjoy an ease of access to different categories of businesses in the countries, nearby cities, neighborhood and more.
  • Custom Business Category. A business opportunity is given to you to further grow your market and increase your business to potential clients. Thus, you will benefit more from us in the long run.
  • Free Advertising of Business. By adding your business to us, you will expect it to become more visible. You will benefit from a free advertising that you most deserved to have. It is also easy to log in and sign up to the website. It is also convenient for you to fill out the form in order for you to add up a new BCI.
  • News About the Business in the Area. When a new grocery store, restaurant, or service will come up in your area, you will be notified soon. Your company will also be added to your list of subscriptions.
  • Ease of Search by Location and Category. Through the use of the search engine, you get the ease and convenience in searching for a service or business near you. This is also despite the location-workplace, residence and when you are on a vacation.   
Our business cards directory is an excellent way for you to generate more income and more revenues from your business. It is easy and convenient to use among individuals, customers, and businesses. This is also considered to be a great resource for business information according to the business owner and customer input.