Application Features

  1. Search by

    Searching using a particular cell in a smart engine.
    • CompanyStart typing and the smart engine will automatically show you the name with the first letter you start with.
    • CountrySearch the business in the country you need it in.
    • StateYou can put in which state/region you are looking for business.
    • CityTo minimize the area that you are in, tell the smart engine in what city you are in.
    • CodeTo be more exact you can type in the zip-code of the location you are looking for.
    • AddressIf you know the number of the business and the street but not the city or the zip-code you can look for your need that way as well.
    • LanguageChoose the language you feel the most comfortable with and search business that speaks in your language.
  2. Filtering Categories

    • You do not have to go through the whole alphabet to find the category you are looking forPress on the first latter of the category you are looking for and the smart engine will show you all the categories that start with that latter also you can start searching in the smart engine itself and it will show you all the categories that are using the word you are typing
  3. Banner

    • All new business cards that are added are going through the bannerIf you see a business that you are looking for you can click on it and it will open with all its information.
  4. Business card Index

    • A business card will appear and next to it you will see the location and a phone number of the business, also there is an icon with more details that you can click on.
    • A business card might have two sites to it and if it does, there is a back site shown also.
  5. Quick Contact

    • Send your inquiry to the company via the contact from the business card website
  6. Quick direction

    • Locate address of the company on Google map
  7. Print BC page

    • Print all the information about the company or service
  8. Quick access to popular social medias

    • Direct links to social media such as: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  9. User Account

    • My AccountYou can find your personal information there as well as edit it when needed.
    • My BCIAdding your business card and others through your account.
      • EditYou can edit any information on a business card that you added.
      • VerifyYou will be able to see which business card is still being verified through TerminalGR.
      • ActiveWhich business cards are already added on TerminalGR by you.
      • RejectedYou will be notified that a business card is rejected and why
  10. Add Business Card

    • You can add and publish an unlimited number of business cards.
  11. Add business or service description

    • By adding a description at business card webpage, you become more visible and you achieve better results in search engines
  12. Favorites

    • The ability to adapt business card site added by another user or agent TGRAfter adoption, you can make changes in the address, description, or change the image without losing position reached by the search engines and without removing it from the list of favorites of other users or customers.
  13. Tracking Activity

    • The possibility tracking the number of users viewing your business card.
    • Checking how many people visited the website of your company by TerminalGR.
  14. Sharing

    • Share a business card to other social medias directly from website.