Search by Category and Location


Search by Category and Location
Using the search engine, you can narrow your search to find a business or service close by regardless of your location - by your residence, workplace or while you're on vacation. Find exactly what you are looking for. Don't waste time calling people who can't help you! Specify your exact needs and find someone who will assist you. Being in a foreign country, you can also select your language and then display business cards of the companies or people who speak your language.
Selecting location by the smallest details
Instead of searching through the whole state you can find the service you are interested in as close to your location as possible. By entering your: state, city, zip-code or even street you can find the nearest business offering what you need. You may know your neighborhood for years but new businesses keeping popping out every day – find new best business partner couple miles from your house and enjoy saved time that you had to spend on riding to the other side of town for a 30-minute meeting at 8 AM.
Search by the language
TerminalGR is the first site ever allowing finding services by language. This gives you an opportunity to speak with consultant or business owner in a less known language without communication problems that occur when two foreigners try to make a deal in English.
Better SEO for your business

TerminalGR uses the newest SEO mechanism to boost your ranking in search engines. The more data you provide the higher you will land on the google, bing or yahoo search results. New clients may find you faster than before especially if you provide some kind or rare service because the search engine will reject generic results and will look for the keywords around your field of specialization.

Save money on translation services
Translation services can cost up to hundreds of dollars per one project, but what if instead of having to translate every single document you could find somebody that offers the same exact services like your current business partner and speaks the same language as you? With a use of TGR search engine, you can stop outsourcing translation to third parties and focus on doing business in your native language even with somebody from the other part of the world.
Finding business partners could not be easier

TerminalGR search engine will help you find exactly what you need with help of our broad category section. Narrow the search results from common services to the most specialized ones. If you are looking for a lawyer specializing in black letter law you can choose it as the main keyword. Save your precious time and contact the company directly instead of bouncing from one to another. You can select the businesses category and then specify the area that interests you the most. Using TGR search engine is quick, easy and effective It also generates benefits for both sides of the business. You can find business partners faster and also be found by potential customers.