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If you want to edit a business card added to the Business Card Directory, you need to sign in to your profile or sign up if you haven't already signed up. If you found your business card on our website, which you did not register on TerminalGR, it means that your card was added by any person or your client in order to a recommendation, or has been registered by one of our representatives for free promotion of your business.
What is the meaning for your business?
You need to know that your business card in a digital format has the strength of a million business cards printed, that is, thanks to being found on our website, your company is visible on the Internet around the world for millions of users, who have different communication channels transmit it to their friends or loved ones and they will do it still, until the end of human existence. Is this not what you meant when you decide to create the first business card of your company?
You can say, OK, I am very pleased, but I want to change the business card or make changes to the address data on the website, how should I do it?
Of course, this is possible. Simply by claiming a business card from filling the appropriate form that allows proper identification of the card and rewrites it to your account TerminalGR.
Perhaps it will occur to you to question whether or not it is better to add a new card than claim existing one?
You need to know that it is not easy to win customers with a newly formed company, it takes a lot of time before customers trust the new company, it is the same on the Internet. The company existed on the Internet, it takes many months or even years to occur unless there is a huge budget to pay for expensive online advertising and positioning services.
Your business card is already an achievement. Thanks to the card being on our site for some time, it was introduced to search engine indexes around the world, making your company become visible in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines around the world. Removing existing entry from the database TerminalGR automatically loses everything that we do for your business to be visible on the Internet and above all deprive contact with all those users who have added your card to their favorite or have provided you on various social networking sites.
So, it would be better if you claim your business card to update information than to sign a completely new one, so you will not lose promoted, good position on the Internet.

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In order to protect business cards against unfair competition activities on the business card page, each business card must be verified before it is assigned to the right author.