Business Card Requirements

In order for your business card to generate significant viewing figures and be promoted in Google and social media, as well as utilized in other instruments for promoting your business, it has to meet the following standards we’ve set.
  • The scan of the front has to follow the horizontal pattern and contain the company name or your full name, plus an obligatory phone number (take a look at some of the already existing cards for reference).
  • The scan of the back isn’t required, however, if it’s supposed to be added, it also has to be horizontal.  
  • The business card has to fit into the following dimensions: W3.50 inch x H2.00 inch, or 1045 px x 596 px. (+/-)
  • Accepted file formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • The file resolution should be no less than 300 dpi, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 600 KB.
  • The business card has to be of high quality, reflect the original colors and be sharp. We encourage you to use a file intended for printing.
  • The business card has to be clean and has no: bendings, scratches, pin or paperclip holes, or any handwriting whatsoever.
  • The scan of the business card has to be centered, not curved in any way, and can’t have any dark edges that may appear as a result of improper scanning.
A business card that doesn’t meet these requirements will be rejected in the verification process and will not be published on the TGR website.
If you want your business card to be professionally edited by our graphic designers and published at TGR, you can just send by mail it to us.
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