Business Card Collector

Business Card Collector
Collect Business Cards and earn $15 on each verified business card.
Join the TerminalGR community and become a Business Cards Collector. No matter where you live, you can earn money by collecting business cards.
Each business card that meets the requirements will be added to the TGR catalog so that others can share it. When the business card will be claimed by an owner, you will receive $15 for each verified business card.
How to become a TerminalGR Business Card Collector?
It's easy!
1. Register on the BC Collector website to get a membership ID number.
2. Print business cards collection report, enter your membership ID number and type how many business cards you send.
3. Insert the report together with business cards into the envelope and send it to the address of one of our agencies.
4. We will inform you about the business cards entered into the GR Terminal and when any of your business cards will be claimed and verified.
Recommend collecting business cards to others and earn extra $5 for each verified business card that we received from the person you recommended.
Do not throw away any unwanted business cards, earn money by collecting them!
Business Card Collector Report - (you must be logged as a user or BC Collector)