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BRAND RECOGNITION AND IDENTITY -We effectively present and perpetuate the brand of every business. We reach every group of clients with an advertisement not only through images but also through sound and smell. Subconsciously, we affect the senses of these recipients to propel the brand. INNOVATIVE METHODS IN BUSINESS PROMOTE - We apply creative and innovative solutions that attract customer attention. Our mobile billboards can be seen, heard or the consumer can even smell them, which makes every billboard permanently remembered by the viewer. PREPARATION, PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT - We prepare custom mobile billboard projects that actually reach recipients. We track mobile billboard recipients in real time. We support the business development of our customers.



We offer SCENTED MOBILE BILLBOARD - Aroma marketing, or fragrance marketing, is a form of sensory marketing. The main task is to influence the recipient in a targeted, but subconscious way. In practice, this action contributes to an increase in sales, extending the time spent in a specific place or can significantly affect a company’s image. The scented billboard successfully attracts the attention of recipients and make the easy-to-remember marketing message arouse positive associations with a brand and/or product. Regardless of whether the billboard moves or is at a stand-still in a traffic jam, the scent can reach a significant quantity of consumer. Go to


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Added: 02/01/2019
User: Braian_72
Very good advertising for my business. Every day GPS shows where the billboard is located, everything as agreed. I highly recommend this form of advertising, it really works.
Added: 10/27/2018
User: Mark W.
It was a great campaign, all with our expectations. In a month, we're starting with a new radio ad and there will be a new billboard, I'm sure we will cooperate for a long time.
Added: 10/17/2018
User: PromIT
Mobile Billboard in Chicago is a great company and a professional approach to clients business. Thanks to them, we managed to launch an advertising campaign in Chicago and suburbs very quickly and in addition, received a much better price than we had so far from a competitive company. I'm glad that we can work with them, the guys are doing a good job!!!